Weekly Update by Ron Schneider

Horay! Our new and improved website, www.enrichinggifts.com is up and running. Weekly Health News & Updates How is your health? Even though wild salmon is good, Canned Pink or Red salmon has even more heart healthy omega-3s than fresh salmon. It also costs less. A...

Weekly Update by Ron Schneider

Too much vitamin B can cause colitis! Make sure your multivitamin provider does not Megadose. This is another reason our Complete Vitamins Plus was formulated with dosages that act as true nutritional supplements. Weekly Health News & Updates How is your health?...

I wanted to update everyone on the Daily Detox. We have a tentative date in August right now. I can not express how sorry I am that this has been delayed so long. I will update you in mid August and hopefully we have an exact date by then.

We will be closed July 10th to July 21st any order placed during this time will be shipped out July 22nd.

Please leave your discount code in the comments/notes section when purchasing any cases!

If you have any questions call Talia at 806-290-5985