Our mission

Our mission is to support people in achieving balance in body, mind and spirit through providing products and services that are enriching gifts in people’s lives; and to create a new way to conduct business that embraces the spirit of trust and harmony while working together in alignment. The long-term mission of Enriching Gifts is to open up free healthcare clinics throughout the world so that no one is deprived of healthcare and wellness. We are committed to support body, mind and spirit. The foundation of our business is basic support for health and wellness in all aspects of our lives as we believe that health and wellness is the bedrock for each of us to do our life’s work.

About our name

Our name, Enriching Gifts, was chosen as a result of our values and beliefs that we are blessed with an abundance of gifts in our life and that basic gifts exist in this world. We believe in the thousand-year-old philosophy that what Western medicine coins as an illness, is instead an imbalance that needs to be balanced. In this belief, Enriching Gifts supports others in bringing greater balance to the body, mind and spirit. There are several components of Enriching Gifts, which comprise enzyme-based nutritional supplements; education and training; consulting; and products and services that enrich the body, mind and spirit.

We are having some issues getting our Daily Detox in. Be advised you can pre order it, however it will not ship until around the end of May. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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If you have any questions call Talia at 806-290-5985