All shipping, handling and credit card processing is FREE for all U.S. orders.

All shipping, handling and credit card processing is FREE for all U.S. orders.


  • Enriching Gifts International Individual Blood Analysis – One Person at a Time
  • Are you really as healthy as you look and feel?
  • Do the supplements and vitamins you ingest work at all?
Ronald K. Schneider specializes in the field of immunoenzymology, chemical nutrition and phase contrast microscopy. They would like to personally invite you to see for yourself if you ‘really are’ as healthy on the inside as you might think or feel you are.


Ronald K. Schneider has analyzed the blood of over 65,000 people during the past 28 years with the use of the phase contrast microscope. He found that over 90% of the people around the world were not nearly as healthy internally as they thought they were. Many were developing potentially deadly conditions in their bodies without feeling anything negative or knowing that something was wrong.


During an individual blood analysis, which only costs $275, they will spend 60 minutes explaining the various components and abnormalities that should or should not be in your blood. In essence, they are able to visually detect the precursors to the deterioration of your health. An audio and video recording of your blood analysis can easily be taken with your cell phone.



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Updated: 9-12-2021
Due to the pandemic and our manufacturing company being way behind, the Daily Detox and the Plant Enzymes are now scheduled for mid October. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.