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Even though wild salmon is good, Canned Pink or Red salmon has even more heart healthy omega-3s than fresh salmon. It also costs less.

A Primer on Cholesterol

As most of our Blood Microscopy clients know, Cholesterol is actually beneficial and necessary for the human body. Without Cholesterol, you would not be able to synthesize the primary hormones, which means you would die. Without Cholesterol, you would not be able to synthesize Vitamin D when in sunlight, which means you would contract cancer and die.
The reason cholesterol is so often maligned by the news media and medical doctors is the simple fact that once Cholesterol hardens into a crystal, the molecule is no longer beneficial to the human body. This is why we analyze blood under a phase contrast microscope and look for Cholesterol crystals and Plaque, but don’t really need to know your total Cholesterol level.
Here’s a little trick to play on any medical doctor prescribing cholesterol lowering  medication to you. Ask them ‘How Low should your cholesterol level go?’ They won’t want to answer because the answer would prove the necessity of the cholesterol molecule in human life processes. You are led to believe that your total cholesterol level should go to zero, but you would die long before it got there.
Another question would be: ‘Since HDL cholesterol is good for me, and HDL cholesterol is included in my total cholesterol number, wouldn’t it be better if my total cholesterol increases with more HDL cholesterol?’ They won’t want to  answer that one either, because the answer would expose the myth that your total cholesterol numbers are meaningless without knowing the breakdown between LDL and HDL cholesterol. In fact, I bet most medical doctors don’t even know what the acronyms LDL and HDL mean. (Answer: Low Density Lipoprotein and High Density Lipoprotein) The LDL cholesterol is actually a great antioxidant, but it tends to harden easily and contribute to plaque formation. The HDL cholesterol is quite beneficial to your artery health, so the more the better.
One final thought: If cholesterol was so bad for you, why does your liver make it in the first place? You should realize that the body never ever synthesizes a molecule that hurts you. In fact, most of the cholesterol in your body is made by your liver and does not come from your diet.
If you want to lower your cholesterol, the safest and best solution is to rid it from your body by consuming Fiber. Our body’s have no mechanism to break down cholesterol, not even exercise will decompose cholesterol. When you take products like Red Yeast Rice or Milk Thistle, you are effecting your liver in a similar manner to a statin drug, albeit safer. If you want to eat a high cholesterol meal and prevent the cholesterol from entering your bloodstream, simply take our Sterol Max with that particular meal. For dosage information, listen in on our next conference call.

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About Ron Schneider

Ronald K. Schneider specializes in the field of immunoenzymology and Phase Contrast Nutritional Blood Microscopy. After 40 plus years of studying alternative and holistic medicine, he focused on research with enzymes, he then developed and provided private label products using his formulas to over 180 different distribution companies. Today Ronald K. Schneider focuses on his own premier line of nutritional products to ensure that quality, effectiveness and activity remain constant without regard to development costs.

Ronald K. Schneider has made numerous national television appearances including Oprah Winfrey, The Daily Buzz, Wake Up L.A, Good Morning Canada and W.L: Willard “Street Talk” of Chicago to name a few. In addition, he has been a guest on hundreds of radio shows nationally.

IIn April of 1999, Ronald K. Schneider was hosted by Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg South Africa with other presidential leaders for an H.I.V. – A.I.D.S summit meeting. In 2001 Ronald K. Schneider traveled to Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria on many occasions meeting with political and medical leaders to demonstrate the effectiveness of plant enzymes and sterols.

In April of 2004, Mr. Schneider was invited to speak to a medical symposium in Jackson, Mississippi totaling more than 700 physicians and medical personnel. During that visit Ronald K. Schneider also spoke and lectured at Tulane University in New Orleans.

In December of 2006 Ron spoke on CNN and numerous radio shows about alternative therapy for HIV/AIDS and infectious disease on National AIDS Day on behalf of former President Bill Clinton and his appointed USA Goodwill Ambassador for HIV and AIDS, Dr. James B. Hall. Following national AIDS Day, Ron was on a flight to Cancun Mexico where he spoke as the keynote speaker at a health, wealth and wellness seminar attended by former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Mr. Schneider has worked with world leaders in the World Health Organization and the International Red Cross. In November of 2008, Mr. Schneider was the keynote speaker in New Delhi, India at the world’s largest medical trade show Medifest with over 55 countries represented.

Ronald K. Schneider has shared his amazing product with numerous entertainers, celebrities and elite athletes. In 2013 Mr. Schneider met with some of the trainers and nutritionists for the USA Olympic Ski team to address the issues surrounding athletic performance and recovery time. Utilizing Phase Contrast Microscopy Mr. Schneider was able to successfully demonstrate how to enhance athletic performance and speed up recovery time.

In 2016 Mr. Schneider met with the Canadian Health Board to disclose and help educate how the Enriching Gifts product line might help impact those living with disease and illness in Canada.

Today Ronald K. Schneider continues to travel the world spreading the great news of enzymes and enzyme based nutrition as well as the health benefits associated with them.

Ronald K. Schneider speaks weekly about health, how the body works, but more importantly, how everyone can strengthen their immune system which could lead to less disease and illness in the world.

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