Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between your Starter Plant Enzyme (180 caps) and your Original Plant Enzyme (270 caps)?

A: We developed our Starter Plant Enzyme, which is half strength, for newer customers that may be sensitive to our Original (full strength) Plant Enzyme formulation.


Q: Why aren’t your capsules 100% vegetarian?

A: Unfortunately 100% vegetarian capsules absorb too much water, which decreases the efficacy of our extremely active products. We find that a 60%:40% mixture of vegetable to organic collagen works best. The 40% organic collagen is NOT from bovine sources.

Q: I notice you utilize various sprouts in your Sterol Max product. Don’t sprouts contain gluten?

A: The gluten content in sprouts (a small plant before leaves form) is extremely low compared to a plant with leaves. Also, the chemical properties of gluten are different between a sprout and a plant with leaves.

Q: I notice there is soy in your Sterol Max product. Isn’t soy bad for you?

A: Again, the soy is in a sprout form, which exhibits vastly different chemical properties than soy from a mature plant.

Q: What is the shelf life of your Lightning Colloidal Silver? I don’t see an expiration date on the bottle.

A: Since Lightning Colloidal Silver is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antimold, antiyeast, and antiviral; it’s shelf life is almost infinite.

Q: What is the silver concentration in your Lightning Colloidal Silver?

A: Our silver concentration is optimized at 10 parts per million (ppm). If the concentration is higher than 10 ppm the silver ions adhere to each other and activity is reduced.


Q: I notice your Telezyme product has the same ingredients as your Plant Enzymes. Are they the same?

A: No, Telezyme (telomerase enzyme, an age reversal product that lengthens the telomeres on your DNA) is vastly different from Plant Enzymes (a blend of enzymes to aid digestion and reduce inflammation). However, we add a very small amount of Plant Enzyme, to act as a carrier, to our Telezyme product. We found that this small amount of Plant Enzyme reduced the time it took for telomere elongation in our testing trials. The reason for the confusion is we must note on the Telezyme bottle the presence of the Plant Enzyme, even though the quantity is small compared to the telomerase enzyme.


Q: Tell me about the enzymes and minerals, GR8CF-77™, in most of your products?

A: GR8CF-77™ stands for GRreat(8) enzymes CoFactor with 77 ionic minerals. It’s what makes all our products more active than our competitor’s. Enzymes and minerals actually work synergistically with vitamins and nutrients, meaning one is ineffective without the other.


Q: How many Pro Biotics should I take if I suspect I have food poisoning?

A: We suggest taking at least 6 Pro Biotics as soon as you suspect you have eaten food containing too much parasitic bacteria. Our Pro Biotics have saved numerous people from failed restaurant outings, both in and out of the U.S.


Q: Do your products contain standardized ingredients?

A: Yes, all our products contain standardized ingredients when available. Standardization is another measure of our commitment to safety and activity.


Q: Wouldn’t it be better to just drink aloe juice than taking the Aloe Ace Max?

A: Since our Aloe Ace Max is derived from the more active polysaccharides in the rind, one capsule is equivalent to one quart of aloe juice. The problem with drinking aloe juice is the presence of sweeteners, excessive cost, and diminished activity. The active polysaccharides in aloe juice begin to deteriorate in 20 minutes unless the juice manufacturer utilizes an enzyme inhibitor. We utilize an enzyme inhibitor to ensure the polysaccharide content of our Aloe Ace Max remains constant for over 2 years, not 20 minutes.


Q: Does your Hearth Algae come from red algae grown in covered or uncovered ponds in Hawaii?

A: We would never provide our customers a product from an open, or uncovered, pond. Uncovered ponds are subject to contamination,as well as temperature and pH variability during product manufacture, all of which results in diminished product quality. Instead, our Heart Algae is produced in a completely enclosed and controlled environment using photoreactor bio-domes.


Q: What is the Sterol:Glucoside ratio in your Sterol Max immune support product?

A: The average Sterol:Glucoside (active component) ratio in Sterol Max is 9:1, which is far superior to other immune support products with as low as a 100:1 ratio. In addition, our sterols are derived from young sprouts with the highest active glucoside content. We do not use low glucoside sources like mature foods or toxic pine tar.


We are having some issues getting our Daily Detox in. Be advised you can pre order it, however it will not ship until around the end of May. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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