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The average person severely lacks beneficial amounts of antioxidants in their diet. Metabolic Complete gives you maximum protection from environmental ‘Free Radicals’ which can damage your body’s organs and cells.

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The average person severely lacks beneficial amounts of antioxidants in their diet. Enriching Gifts Metabolic Complete gives you maximum protection from environmental 'Free Radicals' which can damage your bodies organs and cells. The standardized 'White Pine Bark Extract' and 'Grapeseed Extract (OPC95+)' in Metabolic Complete have been shown to cross the blood brain barrier, bringing antioxidants to both your brain as well as the rest of your body. It is one of the highest antioxidant formulas available anywhere in the world. Metabolic Complete's primary use is for the protection of the body against free radical damage. This formulation is based on 2 time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling’s research.


2 capsules per day: 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening (If necessary, take 4 to 6 capsules per day, through out the day)


Proprietary Blend:

  • MSM (OptiMSM) - 100 mg
  • Norwegian Kelp (contains Iodine) - 100 mg
  • CoEnzymeQ10 - 30 mg (100% Pure Standardized)
  • Grapeseed Extract - 50 mg (OPC95+ Standardized)
  • White Pine Bark Extract - 20 mg (95% OPC Standardized)
  • Cats Claw Ext. 4:1 - 100 mg (Uncaria Tomentosa)
  • Shark Cartilage (contains Polysaccharides) - 100 mg
  • GR8CF-77™ - 100 mg (Proprietary blend of 77 ionic-form trace minerals)
  • Capsule Composïtion: Mixture of Vegetarian & Gelatin

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  1. Roderick Mabry

    It is a comforting feeling to know I am getting quality.

  2. Dover

    I had a blood analysis from Ron after taking Metabolic complete and I could see the difference in my blood after 2 months of taking the product. Very little if no oxidation of my red blood cells.

  3. Barbara Piper

    I use the AM/PM regimen and have remained quite healthy even reducing the number of Pseudo Gout Arthritis episodes.

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