In Memoriam of Tom Manno

Ronald K. Schneider introduced his enzymes to Tom Manno in 1993, who was bench pressing just over 400 pounds at the time. Tom Manno is the world’s strongest man over 40 and during his time with us bench pressed almost 900 pounds.

High school- Saguaro High Scottsdale, Arizona where Tom was named 1st team All State football player and West Coast All American in 1975. He was the State heavyweight wrestling champion in 1976 and the State shot put champion for the second year in a row in track and field. Tom still has the longest throw in the city of Scottsdale to date: 61ft 11inches.

College- University of Arizona in TUCSON, played football for 5 years with Arizona Wildcats. In junior year Tom was named offensive lineman player of the year for Arizona. Started in 1979 Fiesta bowl. In college his weightlifting career started taking roots. No.2 in country for 275 weight class for Olympic weight lifting. Clean jerk and snatch.

1981- Season with the Dallas Cowboys.
1982- Minor Football team in California -Twin Cities Cougars
1983- Denver gold for first season – USFL
1984- Tampa Bay Bandits – USFL

Retired from football in 1985.

Weightlifting campaign started – bench press specialist

1994- First American Record and National Championship

28 time national champion
24 time world champion
112 american records
81 world records
2 time Arnold classic finalist
2 time bench America finalist
NASA – Natural Athletes Strength Association – 3 time Bench Presser of the Year
Tom was inducted into the NASA Hall of Fame in 2009

Currently known as the Worlds Strongest Man for bench press over age 50.

Cover of Powerlifting USA October 2001 cover.

Enzymes, Sterols, and Metabolic Complete anti-aging.

When you’re constantly removing oxidation from tissues that’s the process of anti-aging. Aging happens with oxidation. Eliminate free radicals, and boost your immune system.

Tom hydrates with 1-2 gallons a day, recommends drinking most water first thing in the morning.


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